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August 2, 2009

NHRC issues booklet on labour rules

DOHA: The National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) has issued a booklet on local and international labour rules to make foreign workers here aware of their rights and duties.

The booklet is in several languages, including English and Urdu, and is being circulated through the embassies of major manpower exporting countries as well as shopping complexes frequented by expatriate workers.

The publication, the first of its kind to be released by the rights panel, mentions the various international labour and human rights conventions Qatar is signatory to, and also contains international Labor Organization (ILO) regulations which aim at protecting the rights of workers worldwide.

A major highlight of the booklet is that it contains a number of guidelines for newly-arrived foreign workers, in particular, for they can easily be taken for a ride by companies flouting the labor law.

The booklet, for instance, lays emphasis on the fact that it is illegal for a company not to hand a worker a copy of the job agreement it has inked with him or her.

Not singing an agreement with a worker is a serious violation of local labor regulations and is a punishable offense.

A worker whose employers have not signed contract with him has many ways to prove that he is employed and can file a complaint with the authorities concerned.

The booklet makes it clear that a worker needs to carry out his duties sincerely and in accordance with the law of the land in order to be able to enjoy benefits as per local rules.

An important set of guidelines in the said booklet is about the requirements for completing residency permit (RP) procedures and how an employment agreement can be renewed.

Likewise, how end-of-service benefits are to be calculated is mentioned in the publication. It may be noted that a company is required to calculate end-of-service benefits of a worker on the basis of the last basic salary drawn by him for the entire period of his service.

The conditions on which a worker can be dismissed and conditions to employ women and not employ minors, are also an important part of the publication.

In order to prepare the booklet, a meeting with representatives from the embassies of major manpower exporting countries was convened in coordination with the Ministry of Labor. Important tips were sought from these representatives to write the booklet and distribute it, it is understood.

Source: The Peninsula


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July 28, 2009

Mag ingat sa kolorum na taxi sa Qatar

Paalala mo po ito sa mga kabayan na lagi nag hi-hire ng kolorum na taxi kagaya ko. Kung pwede po sana ay maging mapagmanman tayo. May mga gumagala po na kolorum na taxi kung saan pag sakay mo ay may pasaherong iba sa likod o kayay sa harap. May nilalagay po silang pera sa may upuan. Pagkasakay mo ay makikita mo yung pera sa sasabihin sa driver. Isa sa kanila (yung driver or yung pasaherong nauna sayo) ay magsasabing sa kanya yung pera sa inuupuan mo. Kukunin sa iyo yun at bibilangain at pagkatapos bilangin ay sasabihin kulang na. Sasabihin sayong ilabas mo ang pitaka mo at sasabihin na yung laman ng pitaka mo ay sa kanya or kung ano pa man ang sasabihin nila. Pag itoy nangyari sa inyo huwag na huwag nyo pong ilalabas ang pitaka or wallet nyo at lalo na huwag na huwag nyong ibibigay ito sa kanila kasi pag binigay nyo na yung wallet nyo baka hindi na ito ibalik sa inyo. Mas maganda sirugong ipahinto nyo na lang ang taxi at bumaba na kayo o kayay kunwari sabihin nyong tatawag kayo ng pulis. Marami na po itong nabiktima pati mga kabayan natin. Sana kung mabasa nyo ito ay maging babala sa inyo at kung kayo at nasa sitwasyon nang iyun ay alam nyo na ang gagawin nyo. Nagmamalasakit lang po kaya ko nilathala ito sa blog ko.
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July 14, 2009

Marriage requirements of OFW in Qatar

If an OFW plans to settle their marriage abroad, the most basic requirements of marriage in Middle East for each individual are the following:

1. Certificate of NO Marriage (CENOMAR) - Authenticated by DFA.
2. Birth Certificate - Authenticated by DFA.
3. 3 set copy of CENOMAR and Birth Certificate.
4. Passport copy (front page with signature).
5. 4 pcs. of 1x1 picture for each individual.
6. No objection certificate from the host company.
7. Lastly, prepare 150 USD or its equivalent to local currency.

So that all, Best wishes and don't forget to invite me (LOL)!


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July 11, 2009

OFW life abroad!

This video describes the life of an OFW's abroad. We knew the reasons why we are working abroad, it all goes to one thing, its about money! This is the first thing that comes to our mind if we are struggling financially, to work abroad. Being OFW is not an easy thing, its a sacrifice and hardship. OFW's not only helping their families, we are also helping Philippines financially through our remittances. Each year a million of dollars that an OFW remits to Philippines, for details click here. But how sad our economy still downturn.

Lets continue our aspirations´╗┐ and dreams. Mabuhay OFW !


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July 8, 2009

Qatar stops issuance of visa certification

Source: POEA

Starting February 1, 2009, the Embassy of the State of Qatar shall issue Visa Stickers instead of visa certification to prevent falsification of Qatar visas. POEA will not issue exit clearance to departing OFW's without the visa sticker. Visa certifications issued prior to February 1, 2009, however, are still valid.


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July 6, 2009

Qatar Desert Accident

I receive this video from email and I post this video to warn our kabayan who seeks thrill driving not to involve such activity in the Middle East. Sometimes we deserves enjoyment but not a way like this.



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June 30, 2009

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